BIG natural tits and creampie

タイトル:  BIG natural tits and creampie
出演者:  Meiji
カテゴリー:  素人 中出し 洋物 巨乳 
It's about time we get some big natural titties back on the site. Meet Meiji and her very nice, all natural Double-Dees! Meiji is nineteen and from the city of Korat. She just started working on Soi Six last week and I'm her 9th customer. The name "Meiji" is actually a brand of Milk in Thailand, and usually, when a girl has big breasts, she is known as "big milk". Meiji pulled open her skin tight blouse and finally revealed her glorious globes. I imagine the eight guys before me had a similar reaction when they saw and felt them for the first time. Meiji wasn't shy and she knew how to suck a cock well. Not bad for only having a week and a half of practice. I slipped my fingers into her wet hole and finger fucked her twat while she slobbered my manhood. Then I positioned myself missionary and slid my cock right into her pussy. We fucked for awhile in most of my favorite positions. Then she held her juggs together so I could see them wiggle and jiggle with each thrust and that sight made me lose my wad. With a low groan, I let out my seed directly into the back of Meiji's pink vagina. I came so hard I was sure she would get pregnant. But with 8 other loads swimming around in there, I doubt I'll be listed as the Father!