Cum on my big boobies

タイトル:  Cum on my big boobies
出演者:  TiTTiPORN
カテゴリー:  中出し 洋物 巨乳 
It's late one night and I'm at 7/11 getting a few snacks so I could finish watching my Thai TV drama show. It's an intense series and the finale is coming soon. I was just wearing my hair in a bun and my lazy wear when I went to the store thinking no one would see me. But sure enough there was a foreigner there also buying some items. He was okay looking, nothing special but then again I wasn't looking my best either. I really didn't pay attention until we both came around the center aisle at the same time. We sort of bumped into each other and I think that's when he noticed I had an accentuated chest. Even though I try to hide my bosom when I'm out in public, they are so big that concealing doesn't always work. This guy noticed them and his eyes locked on them. You can always spot the boob lovers when they never look you in the eye. It's annoying, but sometimes it's flattering too. After all, I myself look for bulges in men's pants sometimes. It just so happened I noticed this guy's bulge and it was growing. Amazing how you boys can't control your boners, even in public. The poor guys erection was clearly sticking out and in a small 7/11 with all the mirrors I'm sure he had no place to go. I felt sorry for him since after all I was sort of to blame. So I asked where he was going and if he wanted to share some of my snacks with me. I told him I live around the corner and he nodded yes.

Back at my room, we wasted no time getting naked. I quickly grabbed his throbbing boner and put it right inside my warm mouth. The musky smell from his balls filled with pheromones made me so hot and bothered. My pussy moistening and dripping with excitement. I can't believe I'm blowing a guy I just met five minutes ago. Sometimes I can be so slutty, but you know I'm confident with my promiscuity and find that I can enjoy myself just as much as any man. Well maybe not this man because he was definitely having the time of his life. My natural boobs were swinging with each rhythm of my blowjob while his cock throbbed between my lips. I then got on all fours because there is nothing more slutty than getting fucked right from the get-go from behind. There is nothing romantic about getting slammed by someone behind you that you can't see, let alone remember what he even looked like. I didn't care as his raw cock thrust ed inside my vagina completely bareback. This was crazy and my pussy loved every inch of every thrust this young boy could deliver.

He turned me over and entered me once again. This was exciting sex and I knew it wouldn't be long. Most men love watching my breasts jiggle as they hump into me missionary style. I was totally prepared to feel the warm gush of semen inside me, but at the last minute he pulled out, straddled my waste and shot his giant load all over my big natural titties. The warm sensation of all his cum bring sprayed onto my nipples was just enough for my pussy to have a small orgasm. Thank you mister but now my show is about to start so ... shhhh!



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